Strive, Creative and Modern

Web development

We develop web applications according to the customers requirements based on general standards. We work with different tools and programming languages. Exactly like the common software development, we go through the entire cycle of requirements specification, programming and support. In advance of the web project we assist our customers with brainstorming to find the best solution. At the center of our work is the extensive analysis of the current status that the solution covers the requirements of our customers for hundred percent. User friendly and intuitive to use web applications can be opened at any time and place from any Internet capable device and enhances communication with customers business partners and employees.

Mobile app development

Beside websites mobile applications become more important for the contact to the customer. Beyond web design where the device displays the websites It can be useful to develop standalone apps. This allows business processes to be controlled even better. Mobile apps are the best for a temporary campaigns such as product launches, exhibitions, competitions and many more. But also for internal communication with the employee this channel is important to simplify work processes. Easy handling and flexibility militate for development of standalone apps which we create with the latest development tools according to the latest standards. Weather forecast planning or work travel expense accounting with mobile apps many internal processes can be implemented much more efficiently.

Code on the laptop